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November 13, 2015
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    Happy Friday!

    This week, we’ve been thinking about sidekicks: Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, Frodo and Sam. But what about food sidekicks?

    Sometimes it’s easy to focus too much on the main character, a steak or a roasted fowl, and forget about the sidekicks that can make meals so memorable. From a heaving plate of green beans to a perfect salad to just the right piece of rustic sourdough, a side is so much more than a bit of roughage required next to a lump of meat. It frames the dish, draws out certain flavours and textures, or provides sharp contrast to others. Roast duck without the sharpness of a citrus salad verges on the inedible – it’s far too rich. Even a simple pasta benefits immensely from the freshness and acidity of some well dressed leaves.

    Here’s our pick from around the interwebs of the best easy side dishes to spice up your regular fare with.

    1. Rainbow Chard with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice
      Rainbow Chard
      Photo: Souvlaki for the Soul
      This simple, modest dish of rainbow chard isn’t afraid to let a beautiful vegetable take centre stage. Perfect with roast lamb!
    2. Purple Italian Panzanella Salad
      Purple Panzanella
      Photo: Hortus

      Panzanella is traditionally made with the stale leftover bread of the house, tossed with onions, tomatoes and cucumber. The stale bread soaks up every ounce of flavour from its companions. The result is a side both rich and yet acidic and powerful. This purple hued version is a feast for the eyes as well!
    3. Summer Melon Salad
      Photo: 101 Cookbooks
      This is perfect as the weather starts to heat up. A salad of fresh sweet fruit is sure to make your side dish a star. For those with nut allergies, substitute almond with chickpeas baked until they are crispy.
    4. Wok-fried Brussels Sprouts and Bacon with Crispy Chestnuts
      Photo: Saveur
      Inspired by a Chinese American Thanksgiving Feast, chef Cara Stadler’s recipe is a perfectly celebratory dish, perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a special night in.
    5. Kimchi
      Photo: SBS Food
      What’s known as Korea’s national dish has become more and more popular in Australia, as increasing numbers of us succumb to this spicy pickled cabbage dish which can liven up barbeques, stir fries, even sandwiches! It doesn’t even take as long as you might think.
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