Getting Hangry? Try this DIY wall reminder on for size

March 8, 2016
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    Sometimes we need a little reminder of what’s important. Like your next meal for example! Good thing this DIY wall reminder is here to save the day.

    Sometimes we forget that food isn’t just about passing the time, or punctuating the day. Although it does do that! Really, we’re eating to fuel our bodies, and, more than that, to make sure they’re thriving. We need a wide variety of protein, fibre, nutrients and vitamins the maximise the performance of our bodies, and to help them recover. This is why hanger is such an issue!



    Anger caused by hunger and solved by a satisfying meal.
    e.g. “I am hangry”
    “She is hangry”
    “RUN, they are really hangry!”


    If you’re the kind of person who who forgets to eat and suddenly hulks out, why not try this DIY wall reminder at your place? Not only can you jot down shopping lists, you can include inspirational bits of thought, and handy reminders for avoiding the hangry monster.

    We also love this paper dispensing trick for pulling out a fresh canvas for little ones to draw on at the kitchen table. Just cut and draw on as needed!

    Will you be trying this hanger deterrence DIY wall reminder at home>


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