An edible Winter Place Setting

August 19, 2015
by HelloFresh Our Cooking tools

    For me, there’s nothing quite like a centrepiece on the kitchen table to make your place feel really homey and sophisticated. I’m not one for cleaning, but a bit of decoration here and there can really make your home feel special! This got me thinking about tips for sprucing up your place without breaking the bank. Flowers are lovely, but sometimes they can also be super pricey!

    What about a place setting made from vegetables? In winter, a lot of the veggies we’re buying are OK to stay out of the fridge. They’re also gorgeous!

    This place setting is an edible alternative to a vase of flowers

    A delicious and edible alternative to a vase of flowers

    This centrepiece was made entirely from veggies I cooked up this week: some dutch baby carrots, bright yellow capsicum, heart of gold pumpkin, vine tomatoes and golden corn. How easy is that? They’re even on a cutting board, ready to be transformed into deliciousness should creativity strike. Not only did this place setting brighten up the kitchen, it’s a great way to get inspired about what to whip up for dinner! Of course, if you’re still drawing a blank on what to cook, HelloFresh is here to help!

    Tomatoes, capsicum, corn, baby carrots, pumpkin place setting

    A winter place setting of vegetables

    There’s no limit to what can be a part of your beautiful edible place setting, and isn’t it nice to think about your food not just as nourishment, but as objects of great beauty? We can go for a walk or buy flowers and wonder at the beauty of nature, but sometimes the mundanity of our weekly shop means that the incredible colours and textures of veggies seem to pass us by. Take a moment this week to check out how amazing these little guys are.

    How important is the appearance of food to you? Would you ditch the flowers for this edible place setting of winter veg? Let us know in the comments.



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