A healthy eating plan: Detox your Day

January 5, 2016
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    As the New Year cracks open like a fresh egg, a lot of us are resolving to get healthy (or at least return to previous form after a month of parties and indulgences).

    Often, that can seem like quite a task, but what does it mean on a day to day basis? What are the mundane ways in which we can make changes to our lives? We gathered together some brilliant ways you can make small changes throughout the day that will have you feeling detoxed and fabulous.

    We’ve written about everyday superfoods before, and although it sounds like a buzzword, there are certain ingredients that really do a tick a load of boxes in terms of health benefits (they also taste pretty lovely as well). It’s as simple as giving thought to your diet and starting to include more of these foods in your day.

    Give these 5 foods a try and see if you don’t feel the difference!

    Early Bird: Lemon

    Start the day fresh with a mug of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. Lemon is of course jam packed with vitamin C, so it’s great for boosting the immune system. Vitamin C has also been linked to the support of natural collagen production, so your skin will be glowing as you head out the door. Lemon assists your digestion by producing all the juices your belly needs to function. Deep breath, and you’re ready to head out the door.

     Detox your day

    Superhero: The Supergreen Mix from Your Superfoods

    We call it Eleven Thirty-itis. It’s that horrible hollow feeling you get in your stomach when you look up at the clock and lunch is still hours away. This supergreen dip just has to be good for you – it’s so beautifully green! Served with some sliced carrots and celery, it will have you feeling satisfied, but not sluggish. The dip is a mix of barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina algie and chlorella which strengthens our metabolic function and boosts the transport of oxygen around our cells. The steam train that is your body is now chugging along – all aboard the toxin-free express!

    Detox your day

    The Main Event: Watercress

    Just get some wholemeal or seedy bread or a slice of your favourite dark rye with butter and cress – or add cress to a colourful salad – you’ll be feeling good in no time. Cress is one of those real everyday superfoods and pretty much does everything! Full of iron, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A and folate, watercress is the best. Its flavour is subtle and really just ‘fresh’, so you can add it to pretty much any meal.

    Detox your day

    Afternoon delight: Almonds

    For the cheeky office desk snacker, a handful of almonds to munch on never goes astray. They have a great amount of vitamin E that works with your antioxidants to fight sickness and premature ageing. Plenty of good natural oils and a lovely flavour doesn’t hurt either.

    Detox your day

    Moon Dance: Beetroot

    Last but not least – spruce up your evening meal with some glittering jewels of beetroot Again, a naturally vivid colour here indicates all the good stuff going on inside. Australians are already very good at eating lots of beetroot, but why not try the fresh raw variety if you normally reach for a slice of the tinned stuff on a burger? A tasty beetroot salad will do you no end of good. This red root is rich in betaine and phytochemicals which are essential to digestion and bowel function.

    Detox your day

    Well done! You just detoxed your way through a day of delicious, real wholesome food. You clever thing, you.



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