10 Healthy Dinner Recipes to Ease You Back out of Your Holiday January 8, 2018

by HelloFresh Eat

For most of us, this week spells the end of blissful, employment-free sunburn drenched leisure time. If that is the case, at least these healthy dinner recipes will have you feeling ready for the year ahead.

Asian Minced Beef & Crunchy Veg Soba Noodle Bowl with Roasted Peanuts

Healthy Dinner Recipes

This zesty bowl packed with crunch and colour is sure to put a spring in your step. Cutting up the veggies into fine, small pieces is the trick here, so don’t be afraid to bust out the grater if you’d prefer that to chopping. Light, crunchy, and with plenty of veggies, this is the perfect dish to ease you back into your healthy living January routine.

Beef & Pumpkin Massaman Curry with Pillowy Rice

healthy dinner recipes

This rich, mild Thai curry is a favourite in Australia, and with good reason! It’s creamy, tasty and so luxurious with its coconut milk base. Soft, melt in your mouth beef and pumpkin are the perfect additions to this curry which will please devotees and sceptics alike – and proves low carb needn’t be low excitement.

Loaded Mexi-Black Bean & Veggie Chilli with Tortilla Chips & Cheese

healthy dinner recipes

Making your own veggie chilli? Easy. Making your own crispy tortilla chips to go with it? Even easier! Promise. This meat-free Monday Mexican spectacular is an absolute delight, and will keep you feeling in the party mood well into the new year.

Summer Sweet Mustard Chicken & Caramelised Pear Salad with Parmesan Ciabatta Croutons

healthy dinner recipes

Easy, summery and light; this dish really has it all. Make a dressing by adding salt to tomatoes – it releases the juices which will make your salad extra delicious!

Superfood Black Bean & Cheese Quesadillas with Tomato-Coriander Salsa

healthy dinner recipes

All hail the king of toasted breads, the cheesiest and most noble of dinner options, the mighty quesadilla! Tonight, we’ve filled him with a delicious mix of superfoods and paired him with a fresh tomato-coriander salsa. A royal showing, to be sure.

Fetta, Capsicum & Olive Tapenade Hasselback Chicken with Oregano Roast Veggie Medley

healthy dinner recipes

We’re bringing hasselback tonight. We can’t lie, this handy technique for adding a tonne of flavour to lean chicken breast has become one of our favourites and with good reason: a little bit of prep goes a long way with this amazing technique.

Fresh Haloumi Salad with Chimmichurri Dressing

healthy dinner recipes

Fear not! This is not your average hump-day salad. We’ve dressed this veggie winner up with both haloumi and a Chimmichurri to really spice things up. Filled with herbs and green vegetables, it’s time to wind down, relax with a glass of red or white, and enjoy the balance of flavours in this fragrant, crisp and delicious fare.

Crumbed Chicken Dippers & Rosemary Roasted Potato Wedges with Garlic Aioli

healthy dinner recipes

We’re officially making chicken (dippers) tonight, so don’t be afraid to break out your best chicken dance! We recommend drizzling over the delicious garlic aioli, but these are called dippers so…if you need to grab ‘em and dunk ‘em, we won’t tell anyone. Promise.

Middle Eastern Lentil-Fetta Patties with Mizuna Salad and Yoghurt

healthy dinner recipes

Think of these lentil and fetta patties as the perfect antidote to every rubbery, underwhelming veggie burger you’ve ever had. They’re so easy to whip up, you’ll never have to face an under-seasoned legume patty again.

One-Pan Summer Peach Chicken & Greens with Steamed Rice & Toasted Almonds

healthy dinner recipes

What a joy is the one pot wonder. Little on time, big on flavour, this simple supper with savoury soy, sweet peach and crunchy almonds will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Here’s to a new year of delicious, healthy food. Happy Cooking!

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