This Matcha Zebra Cake Recipe is too gorgeous not to try yourself

May 9, 2016
by HelloFresh Eat
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    For a tea cake, there are few confections quite as attractive as this matcha zebra cake recipe. Once you know the trick to preparing it, you’ll be whipping it up at the moment’s notice when friends drop in. 

    If you haven’t tried matcha before, this is a great entry point. It’s subtle flavour is perfect in this simple cake with gentle vanilla, and the glorious green colour is a natural food dye as well. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from green tea. You could go all out by serving this cake out of the oven with freshly brewed green tea, but any pot of the good stuff would be well suited to this afternoon tea cake, which isn’t too sweet.

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    The trick to this dazzling matcha zebra cake recipe is to let nature take it’s course. Placing alternating scoops of the vanilla and matcha cake mixture on top of each other creates an uneven stripe like a ripple in a pond, or the peculiar markings of a zebra. Don’t worry about being too neat – the more deviation the better! It’s best to work quickly so that the batter can be pushed out to the edges of the tin.

    Matcha Zebra Cake


    HF160420-Blog-Zebra-Matcha-Cake_Foto2_ 21_low

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