Get Your Juices Flowing: Telly Addict Edition

July 21, 2015
by HelloFresh Eat

    If you’re anything like us, Netflix may have recently ruined your social life. So many stories, so little time! Of course, while some might argue that chewing your way through three seasons of a show in one sitting is unhealthy, we prefer to argue that it’s a workout for your brain. If you ditched the gym to hangout on the couch, why not keep things healthy with some pop culture inspired juicing recipes?

    These healthy juice blends are irresistible, and the perfect thing for offsetting your new time consuming viewing habits…

    Get your Juices Flowing: Telly Addict Edition

    Get your Juices Flowing: Telly Addict Edition




    A Place Beyond the Pines

    Find yourself transported to another place with this glass of sunshine.

    1/2 pineapple
    2 carrots
    2 green apples
    1 stalk celery
    1/2 bunch mint



    Orange is the New Black

    There’s no need to do time when preparing your morning glass of freshness. Keep it simple, keep it delicious, keep it orange.

    4 oranges
    3 carrots
    1/2 knob ginger
    1 handful kale

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