Things are peachy keen with these Peachy Pork Tacos

March 3, 2016
by hellofreshau Our Recipes
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    Stone fruits are in season at the moment – and we are taking full advantage of them with these delicious Peachy Pork Tacos!


    The inclusion of peaches in these tasty tacos adds a zingy citrussy element that won’t fail to delight. They’re also plenty refreshing and cooling, so don’t be afraid to add some of your favourite hot sauce. These tacos can take it!

    The bright hues of fresh peach, red cabbage and bright green coriander mean these tacos are as beautiful as they are delicious – definitely worthy of your next entertaining event.

    Hey there peachy keen

    peachy pork tacos

    Here are some fun facts you may not know about peaches…

    1. Did you know that the peach originates from China? In fact, China remains the leading producer of peaches today!

    2. These juicy fruits are considered a symbol of immortality and friendship. 

    3. They are a member of the rose and almond family – pretty good company if you ask us!

    4. In ancient Rome, peaches were referred to as “Persian Apples”.

    5. They make for a fantastic stress-reliever – and are even called “the fruit of calmness” in Hungary.

    6. Peaches are great for your skin as they act as a natural moisturizer.

    7. The peach tree is often regarded as the Tree of Life.

    Do you know any other interesting facts about peaches? We’d love to hear them!

    Peachy Pork Tacos

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