Food Rules I live by

November 9, 2015
by HelloFresh Our Cooking tools

    Jordanna is our recipe developer and test cook at the HelloFresh kitchen. We asked her to share some of her food rules to live by, accumulated through a life of cooking and eating.

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    Food rules I live by

    When you cook (and eat) for a living, making conscious choices about the amount of food you go through becomes top priority. Whether I’m preparing food in the kitchen for the HelloFresh boxes, cooking up a feast for loved ones, or whipping up a quick dinner for myself I always keep the following food rules in mind:


    1. Be conscious of where your produce comes from

      We’re lucky enough to live in a country where locally sourced fruit & veg and ethically raised meat is readily available. I love visiting my local farmers markets and having the opportunity to ask the farmers themselves how my apple or bunch of kale has been grown and harvested.


    1. Only eat indulgent foods you’ve cooked yourself

      This way you know every single ingredient that’s gone into making it, and you can only indulge in them as often as you’re willing to prepare them. Clever, right?

    1. Eat the rainbow

      It may sound a little touchy-feely, but the more colours you can squeeze onto your plate, the wider variety of nutrients you’re consuming. You’ll notice HelloFresh dishes are always full of bright orange sweet potato, forest green broccoli and juicy red tomatoes.

    Eat the Rainbow!

    Eat the Rainbow!

    1. When in doubt, add fresh herbs

      Dish tasting a little lacklustre? Throw in some fresh herbs. Watch salads, pasta sauces, roasted vegetables, curries and soups transform instantly with the addition of fresh herbs. Learning how to store your fresh herbs is paramount. Check out these handy tips to find out how.


    1. Eat foods with a short expiry

      Fresh is best, and if your vegetables and meat only have a few days before they expire, this is actually a good thing. Any longer and you can be sure that preservatives and additives have been added. Remember you can always freeze meats that are about to expire so they don’t go to waste. Once in the freezer keep them no longer than 2 months.

     Food Rules I live by

    1. Eat everyday super foods

      Every week it feels like a new super food is popping up on the supermarket shelf with wild and transformative health claims, but don’t forget about the every day super foods that are just as good for you. Broccoli, almonds, eggs, sweet potato and spinach are all nutrient-dense foods that offer just as much nutritional value as their fancy super food counterparts. You’ll notice them popping up every week in your HelloFresh box.


    1. If you find cooking a chore, you’re doing it wrong

      If you get stressed in the kitchen, it’s time to shake things up. If you’re not confident in your own culinary intuition, use a recipe (HelloFresh ones are always great), turn on some music, pour yourself a glass of wine and try and relax – it’s just dinner!


    1. Spend time enjoying your hard work

      Too often we spend 45 minutes preparing and cooking our meal only to wolf it down in 5 minutes flat. Slow down, put your phone away and be present with and thankful for the incredible meal you’ve prepared.


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