What to do with your commonly wasted food

March 3, 2020
by Helen Tips and Tricks

    When it comes to weekly household staples, it can be hard to avoid food waste. Take milk, bread and bananas for example. They’re delicious when they’re first purchased, but a few days later they seem to be tucked to the back of the fridge, pantry or fruit bowl. 

    However, resist the urge to toss them in the bin when they’re not looking so fresh! Your stale bread, overripe bananas or leftover milk (that’s still in its best before date) can be resurrected and transformed into something scrumptious!

    So pop on your apron and get into the kitchen. And the best part? These ideas are all super simple.

    Stale Bread

    • Croutons. Just slice old bread into small cubes and fry quickly in olive oil and bacon, making a delicious addition to fresh summer salads. 
    • Savoury bread crumbs for crumbing lamb cutlets. Just whizz them up in a food processor with your choice of savoury seasoning.
    • Sweet bread crumbs to sprinkle on top of ice-cream. Mix some brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut flakes with your breadcrumbs for a sweet finish!

    Leftover Milk


    • Macaroni & cheese to feed the hungry household. This mac and cheese recipe includes loads of green veggies, making it as nutritious as it is delicious! 
    • Banana smoothies to kick start your day. Whiz together milk, yogurt, banana, cinnamon and honey to make a thick and creamy smoothie.
    • Pancakes for brunch. Pro tip: If you’re after a light and fluffy pancake, add ricotta cheese to the mixture.

    Overripe Bananas


    • A good ol’ banana bread. It’s a delicious weekend treat and loved by everyone, especially when it’s toasted and topped with ricotta and honey. Once your bananas turn black, pop them in the freezer until you are ready to start baking
    • Nice-cream. Once your bananas start to turn black, pop them in the freezer. Mid week when you’re looking for a healthy treat, blitz a banana with honey and cinnamon and you’ll be left with ‘nice-cream’. 
    • Three-ingredient cookies. Take advantage of the natural sweetness from the older bananas. In 15 minutes you’ll have a tasty snack that’s sure to satisfy those afternoon hunger pains. 

    We hope these ideas save lots of sad (but edible) food from the bin!

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