Storage tips for fresh fruit and veggies August 4, 2021

by Sarah Eat


Not only does HelloFresh take the stress out of meal planning and cooking, but we also love to give you helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your box. While the fridge is where most of your meal kit ingredients stay the freshest, there’s an even better way to extend the shelf life of your veggies!

Fresh ingredients love some extra humidity, so make sure to store them in the crisper or a similar environment if you don’t have one, like an airtight container in the fridge. For the ingredients that need a bit of extra help with storage, like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and onions, take a look below.


When carrots get dry, they go soft. Store them in a plastic bag or container in the crisper at 3-4 degrees to keep them humid and fresher for longer. If you don’t have a crisper, an airtight container or plastic bag in the fridge will do the trick. 


Store your all of your tomatoes (including cherry tomatoes!) at room temperature in your pantry or fruit bowl. If your tomato is too green, leave at room temperature for a couple days and it will ripen.  

Potatoes & Onions

Potatoes and onions love dark, cool and dry places – just like your pantry! Make sure to store them separately in the pantry as they can both release moisture that leads to spoiling faster.

We hope this helps to keep your veggies as fresh as possible until it comes time to cook. 

Take a look at next week’s menu here, and get cooking!

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