Tender pork with tangy tamarind chilli sauce

November 20, 2013
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    This pork recipe is tantalisingly tangy number which your tastebuds will tango too.


    Ingredients for two people

    1/4 bunchcoriander, roots finely chopped
    1 cmlemongrass, finely chopped
    2garlic cloves, crushed
    1long red chilli, deseeded & finely chopped
    2 tbstamarind paste
    2 tbsvegetable oil
    2 tbssoy sauce
    1 tbsfish sauce
    350 gpork tenderloin
    150 grice
    1 bunchchinese broccoli

    Hellofresh recipe

    For the dipping sauce

    Coriander roots are a great way to give dishes that extra little kick of flavour. Wash the roots to get rid of the dirt and then use all of the white part of the roots and chop them up nice and finely.

    In a small bowl combine the coriander roots, lemongrass, garlic, long red chilli, tamarind, vegetable oil, soy sauce, and fish sauce. Mix well to combine.

    Use a quarter of the chilli dipping sauce and pour over the pork tenderloin fillet. Make sure that the fillet is coated well and leave aside to marinate while you get going on the rice.

    For the rice

    Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Add the rice and cook it for 10-12 minutes until soft. Drain.

    For the pork

    Heat some oil in a pan over medium-high heat. Add the pork tenderloin and sear on both sides for 1-2 minutes, transfer to a small oven-proof plate or a baking tray and place into the over for a further 10 minutes.

    Using the same pan, add the chinese broccoli and fry for 2-3 minutes or until the broccoli leaves begin to wilt. Remove the broccoli from the heat and add the coriander leaves.

    Remove the pork from the oven, and leave to rest for a couple of minutes before you slice it into 1cm thick pieces.

    To serve

    Divide the rice between plates and serve the pork tenderloin with a side of chinese broccoli and the chilli tamarind dipping sauce on the side.

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    Shannon says:

    Followed the recipe directions but found that it was raw in middle. I know pork is now considered safe to eat medium, but it seemed way undercooked to me. First recipe I’ve been disappointed with.

    We’re sorry to hear that Shannon! Please note that our cooking times are only approximates and will vary depending on your preference and the thickness of your pork 🙂

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