What’s the deal with…. Superfoods?

April 1, 2016
by HelloFresh Tips and Tricks


    Superfoods seem to have made their way around the table quickly enough for everybody to start talking about them. All of a sudden, they’ve become the new ‘it’ thing – who are you if you’re not adding Spirulina to your smoothie?! Superfoods are the head honchos of marketing campaigns and their benefits are being used in order to make sales.

    The truth is, that while these foods are great (super, even!) we shouldn’t look past the true ‘super’ foods that we’ve been munching on for centuries! A ‘super’ food is essentially something that packs a punch of nutrients given it’s size– think blueberries, coriander and garlic. They’re usually a plant based food and they’re more often than not, vibrantly coloured. While these sorts of foods have their own unique lists of things they fix and improve, they’re usually always anti-inflammatory (something we could all use after a night out drinking champagne) and are packed full of micronutrients. Sounds pretty good eh? No wonder they’re all the rage.

    So what are some gems that might be hiding around your home? We’ve compiled a little list of a few legends that will add some super powers to your meals and will make things taste great too!



    Sure, some people hate it and believe it tastes like soap, but its super powers might just be enough to change your attitude. Coriander is high in chlorophyll; which is responsible for it’s green colour and allows this delicate herb to undergo photosynthesis (high school science anyone?). The best super power of coriander is perhaps its ability to detoxify heavy metals from within the body. Sure, we don’t go around eating lead pencils, but pesky metals squeeze their way into our bloodstream when we consume fish, if we’re exposed to paint, or have amalgam fillings on our teeth. Adding coriander to your diet, assists the body to naturally chelate, or grab the heavy metals from within your body, calmly escorting them out. Might we suggest a coriander pesto in your next salmon dinner?




    This tiny tree is a member of the Brassica family of vegetables– the James and Gretel Packer’s of the vegetable world. Brassica vegetables like kale give you bang for your buck; they’re also excellent for kickstarting an internal detox within the body and they’re rich in vitamins K, C, E and folate. Broccoli also contains Chromium; a trace mineral that’s great for balancing our blood sugar levels, ensuring we don’t get hangry (that’s hungry and angry) and preventing us from reaching for the most sugary thing in sight. Thanks Broccoli!


    beetroot superfood

    This sweet root is more than just a pretty colour. Speaking of which, its colour is responsible for a large chunk of its charm! That glowing purpley-red shade is indicative of Betalains; the phytonutrient it boasts. Betalains are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and (like coriander and broccoli) encourage detoxification support within the body. Beetroot also contains glutamine; the amino acid that aids exercise recovery, ensures the walls of the intestines have the right properties to house healthy bacteria, and promotes a healthy immune system.


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