Nadine’s Banana Bread Recipe March 9, 2016

by HelloFresh Eat

Nadine works all the way over the sea at HelloFresh Germany. The post office wouldn’t accept her banana bread in the mail, so we had to settle for the banana bread recipe and make it ourselves!

Nadine's banana bread recipe

Coconut flour was an absolute revelation to me. An alternative to grain flours, it’s very absorbent and isn’t a 1:1 ratio substitute for wheat flour. The result is a much moister batter, gluten free and even better the day after baking. Sweet!


Nadine's banana bread recipe

This recipe tastes even better 1 or 2 days after baking, when the flavours have really had some time to develop. If you want, you could also add nuts like almonds or walnuts. We like it best lightly toasted with a little ricotta or cream cheese, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy all the benefits of bananas.

Danke Shoen, Nadine!

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Brent says:

Hi there are there any thoughts of bringing out a desert / cake style box or something that can be added as an extra when recieving the meal packages?

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