Marrakesh eggplant

September 3, 2013
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    A Middle Eastern dish which is as easy to whip up as it is delicious to dine on.

    Marrakesh eggplant

    Ingredients for two people

    3 tbsolive oil
    1red onion, finely chopped
    2garlic cloves, crushed
    1eggplant, sliced into thin discs
    1 tspHF spice blend
    2tomatoes, diced
    1 tinchickpeas. strained & drained
    2 tbsred wine vinegar
    50 mlwhite wine (or water)
    150 gcouscous (chopped)
    3 tbscoriander, finely chopped
    1lemon, juiced

    Hellofresh recipe

    For the eggplants

    In a large pan heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the red onion and the garlic and cook for 2 minutes, be careful not to burn the garlic. Add the eggplants to the pan and cook for 5 minutes on each side until golden and soft – you may need to add extra olive oil because of how thirsty eggplants tend to be! Don’t worry there will be a chance to drain some of the oil off later!

    Add the HF spice blend and stir for one minute or until fragrant. Now add the tomatoes, chickpeas, red wine vinegar, and the white wine, cover the pot with a lid and cook for 10 minutes or until the tomatoes have softened and everything has fused together. Season with salt and pepper along the way.

    For the couscous

    Place the couscous in a bowl and boil some water (the water has to be double the amount of your couscous so “e.g.” 300 ml of water for 150 g of couscous). Pour the water over the couscous, stir with a fork, and then cover the bowl tightly with cling wrap, leave to sit for 5 minutes. Remove the glad wrap and begin to fluff the couscous with a fork, breaking apart any clumps.

    To serve

    Divide the couscous between bowls and then top with the eggplant. Use a slotted spoon to serve the eggplant if you want a little less oil. Garnish with a good sprinkle of fresh coriander and some lemon juice. Enjoy!

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