Make your own witch’s hat for Halloween

October 27, 2015
by HelloFresh Get To Know Us

    In part 2 of our DIY Halloween series, we’re teaching you how to make your own witch’s hat. This way, my pretties!

    For this easy witch’s hat, you will need:

    • A HelloFresh cardboard box! (Naturally)
    • A pencil
    • Scissors or a stanley knife
    • Some paper or thin cardboard
    • A ruler
    • A paintbrush
    • Black tissue paper
    • PVA glue
    • Masking tape
    • A white or Yellow paint pen (optional)

    Make your own witch's hat

    1. To make this hat , first start be measuring the head you’ll be hatting with a narrow piece of paper or cardboard. Mark the circumference, then tape together your strip of cardboard or paper so it forms a circle.
    2. Laying this circle on the largest side of the cardboard box, carefully trace around the circle, then remove the strip of cardboard. Using a ruler, mark out the width of your brim and regular points around the circle (we measured around 15cm from the edge of our circle). Then, use your pencil to connect these dots. Cut out these two circles to form the brim of the hat.
    3. To make the point of hat, take the thin strip of cardboard (gosh it’s coming in handy!) and remove the tape, so it is a line again. Fold the piece in half and make a crease so you can easily see the middle of the piece.
    4. Take the other large side of the cardboard box and lay the thin strip of cardboard so that the middle point that you creased matches up with the point on the corner of the cardboard. Measure the length you would like your hat to be, and mark this distance. Ensuring the strip of cardboard is lined up at the point, measure the same distance down both side of the box that come to a point. Now, you should be able to curve the thin strip of cardboard around so that each end is equal is matched up with the marks on the side which you have just made. Draw along this curved edge, and cut along this line.
    5. Now, bring both straight sides together to form the cone of the hat. You may need to crease the corrugated flutes of the cardboard to do this. Tape together to create the top of the hat. Using short lengths of masking tape, attach the cone to the brim of the hat, taping on the inside. have a cup of tea and enjoy your handiwork so far.
    6. Finally, lay torn up pieces of tissue paper all over the visible parts of the hat, painting down with PVA glue diluted with a little water. Let dry, and decorate however you wish!

    Make your own witch's hat

    Easy peasy! No witchcraft involved, and you have a very spooky witch’s hat indeed. This project could also be altered to be a top hat shape, by bringing two long edges of a rectangle together, instead of creating a cone. We you be riding a broomstick this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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