Introducing custom recipes! May 21, 2021

by Helen Eat
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    Have you noticed some exciting new additions to our upcoming weekly menus? 

    You can now customise certain ingredients in selected HelloFresh recipes, giving you even more control of dinner time.

    We’ve kept things flexible with a range of options to choose from, letting you swap, upgrade or add an extra ingredient.

    So, whether you fancy adding an extra ingredient or introducing beef strips to your oyster sauce stir-fry, we’ve got it covered. For the full lowdown on our customisable recipes, take a read…

    What Are Customisable Recipes?

    With three recipes on the menu each week, you will be able to:

    • Swap like for like ingredients – think, switching your protein from pork strips to beef strips, to add a twist to your favourite dishes and better suit your dietary preferences.

    Rest assured, all of these recipes have been tried and tested by our Culinary team to make sure each ingredient change will be just as delicious! All the instructions will be on the six-step recipe cards, so they’re just as simple to prepare.

    How Will I Know a Recipe is Customisable?

    When you scroll through our menu, you’ll see dishes marked with the ‘Customise’ label above the recipe name. Simply take your pick to make dinner suit your household! 

    We’ll see you in the kitchen!