How to Cook Rice

May 3, 2016
by HelloFresh Tips and Tricks

    To my eternal shame, I had some terrible eating habits as a child. Chief among them was my tendency to shun rice. Why? Why did I do this to myself? Was it because I didn’t know how to cook rice?

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    Not knowing how to cook something can often render it unachievable and unappealing in terms of your diet. I think my pathetic inability to figure out how to prepare a delish staple enjoyed all over the world must have contributed to my not liking it. Perhaps I had an undercooked batch once and never ventured it again. Whatever the reason, When I finally tucked into some rice at a Thai restaurant well into my high school years (I know…at least I learned, eh?), it was a revelation. Pillowy soft, fluffy and just a little sticky; the perfect backdrop to a buttery Massaman curry. I couldn’t believe I’d eschewed it for so long. After that point, there was no holding me back.

    With new found enthusiasm for rice I set out trying to perfect it at home. We’ve decided to spare you all of that hassle and explain the foolproof way to make perfect, pillowy rice every time.




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    Dana says:

    Do you cover the rice with cold or boiled water? Fast Ed says cold.

    Greer says:

    Hey Dana,

    Adding cold water and allowing it to come to a simmer in the pot should work well!

    Elizabeth says:

    Using hot water will not speed up the cooking time. It will end up cooked on the outside of each grain but hard on the inside. 🙁 Stick to cold water.