What’s in the HelloFresh Christmas Box? November 25, 2019

by Anna Eat

The silly season is just around the corner, and this Christmas, we’re here to help you cook a three-course festive feast without any of the usual fuss. 

Our HelloFresh Christmas Box is full of fresh ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes and a handy prep and timing guide that makes for foolproof cooking. We’ll deliver it to you a few days before Christmas, and with some of the prep done the day before, you’ll have more time on Christmas day to relax with loved ones. 

Whether you’re hosting Christmas for the whole fam, your closest friends or perhaps you want to gift the Christmas Box to a relative, the delicious menu is full of traditional favourites with modern twists that everyone will love.

There’s also the option to add a Gourmet Cheese Box to your purchase for that extra holiday cheer, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a cheese platter?

What’s on the HelloFresh Christmas menu?


Tomato, Feta & Basil Crostini & Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese Crostini

What better way to kick off a Christmas feast than with these crunchy crostinis? You get two tasty flavour combos – rich smoked salmon with creamy dill goat cheese, and tangy tomatoes with creamy crumbled feta.

Mains & Sides:

Lemony Roast Chicken with Sage & Macadamia Stuffing

Golden roasted chicken with a rich and herby stuffing? It really is Christmas time! This family favourite is bursting with flavour – from its zesty lemon notes to its delicious sage and macadamia stuffing.

Traditional Christmas Ham with Marmalade & Rosemary Glaze

What’s Christmas without a Christmas ham?! Brushed with a sticky marmalade glaze and fresh rosemary, you won’t be able to slice this up fast enough! Be quick to grab a piece or two… it won’t last long.

Twice-Cooked Garlic & Rosemary Potatoes with Honey-Thyme Dutch Carrots

We’re not sure which of the two is the standout dish – the twice-cooked potatoes that are light and fluffy with a crisp golden finish, or the sweet and herby taste of the honey-glazed carrots. We’ll have both!

Sauteed Green Beans & Broccolini with Panko-Parmesan Crumb 

This sauteed side is bursting with buttery goodness, with a crunchy panko-parmesan crumb and zingy lemon and pistachio sprinkle to top it off.

Pear & Pecan Salad with Marinated Goat Cheese

This fresh flavour combination cuts through the richness of your festive feast! Creamy chunks of crumbled goat cheese are the star of the dish, bringing the crisp and crunchy elements together perfectly.


Strawberry Eton Mess with Mint & Macadamia Nuts

We love a refreshing dessert and what better than the gooey goodness that is eton mess! Topped with fresh mint, strawberries and macadamias for extra crunch, this one’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Chocolate Brownies with Hazelnuts & Choc Chips

Finish off your festive feast with this decadent chocolate brownie. And what’s the secret ingredient that takes this chocolate trifecta to the next level? Crunchy roasted hazelnuts, of course!


Gourmet Cheese Box with Cheese, Crackers, Dried Fruit & Nuts

Looking for the perfect platter for when your guests arrive? Or perhaps you’re wanting to bring out a post-feast snack (if there’s any room). Either way, this selection of cheese, crackers, nuts and dried fruits has something for everyone. We love choice and this platter delivers the best!

Ready to serve up an unforgettable Christmas feast this festive season? Click here to order your box today. 

Merry Christmas from the HelloFresh family, to yours 🙂

Happy cooking!

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Val says:

How much is the xmas box and many does it serve

Michelle says:

What a shame you have basically the same menu as last year 🙁

Lesley says:

Two chickens and a small ham for 14 people for nearly $400. Are you kidding me !!!! Is this for 2 adults and 12 children because it certainly won’t feed 14 adults?

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