Happy Halloween! DIY sorcery and Halloween cocktails

October 31, 2015
by HelloFresh Our Recipes

    Happy Halloween! We’ve got a super simple basket for your trick or treat goodies, and a delicious Halloween cocktail for grownups not heading out door to door.

    Make your own Halloween costume

    We made this sweet little basket for our Halloween trick or treating exploits using a trusty old HelloFresh box. All it took was the 4 sides of a rectangular piece of cardboard folded up on each side and taped together, and a handle taped on the top. Have you got your costume sorted out for tonight? Or are you still hunting for inspiration?

    If you want to keep it sweet, why not turn a cardboard box into some fairy wings? Modeled by one of our many Customer Care angels, we reckon a few of our HelloFreshers may be deserving of magical a costume.

    Happy Haloween fairy wings

    Alternatively, if you’re staying in this Halloween, there’s no reason you can’t still live it up. At HelloFresh HQ, we’ll be enjoying some kid friendly finger food and some decidedly more grown up Red Devil Martinis!

    These guys really pack a punch (they’re not called devils for no reason), so tread with care.

    Red Devil Martini


    • 2 oz. dark rum
    • 1/2 oz. dry vermouth
    • black olive


    1. Fill a martini glass with ice.
    2. In a separate glass, stir together rum and vermouth with lots of ice.
    3. Empty the ice from the martini glass, strain the rum and vermouth into the chilled glass. Garnish with a black olive or two, depending on how devlish you feel.

    Of course, no Halloween would be complete without the ubiquitous pumpkin. We’re not a fan of letting all of that delicious flesh (mmm…flesh…) go to waste in the pursuit of a jack-o-lantern, so make sure you enjoy the whole orange situation – here are some great ideas for delicious recipes featuring pumpkin.

    Halloween pumpkin

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