Grilled Lamb with Lentil Salad

August 14, 2014
by hellofreshau

    Simple, warm and scrumptious – you’ll never want this dinner experience to end.


    Ingredients for two people

    1 tbsolive oil
    2garlic cloves, peeled & crushed
    1 tindiced tomatoes
    2 tspHelloFresh Middle Eastern spice blend
    2 sprigsrosemary leaves only, chopped
    1 tinlentils, drained & rinsed
    1lemon, zested & juiced
    350 gdiced lamb
    1 handfulLebanese mint, finely chopped
    1 tubyoghurt

    Hellofresh recipe

    For the lentils

    Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat. Add the garlic and the diced tomatoes, cook for 2 minutes. Then add the spice blend and the rosemary, cook for a further minute. Now add the lentils and the lemon zest, cook on a low heat for 10 minutes, or until the tomatoes have broken down and reduced. Remove the lentils from the heat and leave aside while you cook the lamb.

    For the lamb

    Heat some oil in a pan over medium-high heat. Season the diced lamb with salt and pepper. Add to the pan and cook until the lamb has browned on all sides and is still medium-rare in the middle. Cooking time will vary according to your preference.

    For the yoghurt

    In a small bowl, combine half of the mint with the yoghurt.

    To serve

    Divide the warm lentil salad between plates, top with the diced lamb and then dress with the yoghurt. Garnish with the remaining mint and finish with a good squeeze of lemon juice.

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