Our greenest recipes for St. Paddy’s Day! March 16, 2018

by Jamie Eat

With St Patrick’s day falling on Saturday, the 17th of March, it seems only fitting that we celebrate all things Irish by not only drinking like the Irish, wearing green, but also by eating lots of green! After all, the day originally began as a feast day to honour the patron saint of Ireland, and has since evolved into a variety of festivals and celebrations across the globe!

Below we have compiled a collection of our greenest recipes for you to enjoy. So, go on… don some green, eat your greens and celebrate St Paddy’s Day right – it’ll be craic!

Seared Beef & Easy Green Risoni with Basil Pesto and Fetta

Good old risoni. Halfway between rice and pasta, it’s perfect for this pesto dish with tender seared beef and creamy fetta. Don’t forget to rest your meat for perfect succulent bites!

Speedy Lemon Basil Pesto Penne with Broccolini & Fetta

Sometimes the simplest things in life provide the greatest joy… like a big satisfying bowl of pesto pasta.  We have gone ahead and added crunchy toasted almonds and creamy fetta, because we can’t help but take things up a notch!

Crispy Skinned Seared Salmon with Green Risoni & Dill Yoghurt

Light, fresh and tasty is the name of this dinner’s game. For the perfect crunchy punch of texture, allow the pan to get nice and hot before you drop in the salmon, skin side down. It’s the secret to crispy skin that won’t stick!

Zaatar Chicken & Rice Pilaf with Mint and Baby Spinach

green recipes

This lovely Middle Eastern pilaf is topped with marinated zaatar chicken. We’ve used chicken thigh because it has such great flavour and won’t dry out. It’s just great when paired with mint too!

Tarragon Pork Steaks with Carrot & Green Beans

green recipes

We’ve combined these succulent pork steaks with a divine tarragon sauce that’ll blow the socks off the people around your dinner table. The trick here is to make sure your pork isn’t overcooked – we like to leave it just ever so slightly pink in the middle to enjoy all the juicy deliciousness!

Speedy Rump Steaks with Roasted Broccoli & Green Beans

green recipes

This tasty steak is surrounded everywhere you look by gorgeous green. Fresh broccoli and green beans, along with this tender prime rump, are all rendered irresistible with a parsley and lemon sauce that tastes like a walk in a meadow feels. If that last sentence confused, you’re probably hungry.

Broccolini, Ginger and Sesame Soba Noodle Bowl with Five Spiced Nuts & Seeds

green recipes

Sure, we’ve been accused of being a little nutty. So what? When the results are as delicious as these warm noodles with plenty of tasty crunch, we’ll wear the nutty badge with pride!

Speedy Basil Pesto Pizza with Garden Rocket, Zucchini Ribbons & Fetta

green recipes

This pizza just screams Autumn and fresh green ingredients. It’s pizza as Italians know it should be – simple, respectful of the ingredients and absolutely delicious.

Zucchini & Parmesan Topped Chicken

green recipes

OK team: this one’s a winner, no muckin’ about in the shop. Cooking the chicken breast in a blanket of grated zucchini, chilli flakes and Parmesan cheese keeps it toasty warm and oh so moist. The rest of this recipe is so easy we reckon you might even have time to take up a new hobby. Tennis, anyone?

Teriyaki Garden Bowl with Black Sesame Seeds

green recipes

If ‘garden bowl’ makes you think of tucking into a big bowl of healthy then you’re on the right track with this sumptuous supper! With pre-marinated honey soy tofu and crunchy black sesame seeds, this hearty and filling outing will prove that wholesome food is still big on flavour.

Pesto, Pine Nut & Parmesan Rigatoni with Broccoli & Chilli Flakes

green recipes

Italians always know just which simple ingredients pair together to give a truly show stopping result. Here, pine nuts adorn pasta for a crunchy finish, while also echoing the flavour of basil pesto. Rigatoni is the perfect shape for capturing all this amazing sauce!

One-Pan Summer Peach Chicken & Greens with Steamed Rice & Toasted Almonds

green recipes

What a joy is the one pot wonder. Little on time, big on flavour, this simple supper with savoury soy, sweet peach and crunchy almonds will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Zesty Lime & Coconut Chicken with Jasmine Rice

green recipes

In a cacophony of green this zesty chicken comes alive. Fragrant Jasmine rice and emerald broccoli lays the stage for a lively Thai-style marinade of rich coconut milk, garlic, lime and coriander. Don’t be afraid to scrape every skerrick of this green potion onto your plate – it’s worth it!

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