Finish on something sweet and decadent February 19, 2021

by Helen Eat
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    Here at HelloFresh, we’re all about a delicious dinner. But sometimes you just need to finish on something sweet, which is where our new HelloFresh Dessert recipes come in! 

    Our easy-to-bake desserts are available as a one-off extra on your weekly menu, and are a deliciously decadent way to finish off your meal. With just four simple steps, you can serve up something to satisfy every sweet tooth, from family favourites to fancier dinner party-worthy desserts. 

    What types of desserts are on the menu? 

    Deliciously decadent

    Like something a little rich and indulgent? Then these Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies with Balsamic Strawberries are for you! We recommend serving with a dollop of cream on top. 

    Classic favourites

    Once you have a spoonful of this Spiced Apple & Pear Crumble, you’ll be taken straight back to Nana’s kitchen. It’s golden, crumbly and simply delicious. 

    Light and fresh

    Mini pavlovas are always a popular choice, and these ones are perfectly paired with fresh seasonal fruits for a fresh and zesty delight. 

    Look out for the Dessert recipes in the Extras section, and try one of our add-on recipes for yourself!