Hosting a Cheesy Dinner Party is easy with these cheesy finger foods

September 22, 2016
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    If you’ve got to have something cheesy at your dinner party, make it these delicious cheesy finger foods and not the conversation.

    cheesy finger foods

    1. Eggplant pizzas

    The best part about these mini eggplant pizzas is that they can be partially prepared ahead of time. Cut and cook the eggplant discs, then set aside to be topped and cooked when your guests arrive. You could even get your guests to help you with their favourite toppings!


    2. Jalapeño Poppers

    Not for the faint hearted, these jalapeño poppers pack a holy trinity of spice, gooey cheese and crispy bacon. They’re a lot yum in a very exorbitant bite – we wouldn’t recommend as a starter for a full sit-down meal, but for soaking up lots of cocktails, they really can’t be beaten…


    3. Italian Cheese Bombs

    It’s warm, it’s got bread, cheese and garlic. Why are you still here? You should be making this doughy treat right the heck now.


    And there you have it. Three easy, cheesy finger foods perfect for entertaining with. If you need to wet your whistle after all these tasty bites, be sure to do it in style.

    cheesy finger foods

    Happy Cooking 😀


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