How to Decorate Your Christmas Table – the Australian Way December 17, 2017

by HelloFresh Our Recipes
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    Tinsel’s all well and good, but when it comes to setting the scene on our Christmas table, we reach for inspiration from the natural world, and eschew brand new plastic ornaments for an environmentally friendly and fuss free approach.  

    Whether your big day looks like an arena spectacular guest starring every one of your 40 third cousins, or an intimate gathering with friends, we love the chance to do something a little special when decorating your Christmas table. It’s only fitting considering the hard work that goes into the food itself!

    A Nod to Natives

    There’s no snow, no ice and no warming fire required in an Aussie Christmas. So why not fully embrace the season and adorn your table in native flora and in season produce? We love the festive brights of kangaroo paw, waratah and proteas – just a few of them can make a table look plenty Christmassy. Green eucalyptus and wattle leaves are also great for adding extra decorative touches. If you can grab some from your backyard, lie them lengthways down the table and intersperse with flowers in small glass jars or cups for a relaxed feel.

    There’s no need to go full Good King Wenceslas at Christmas, but we do love the medieval touch of including fresh fruit in your decorations. Pomegranate is in season and looks positively regal when placed as a centrepiece, or even pulled into jewelled segments for individual place settings. The bonus? Native flowers can be left to dry out and decorate your house for weeks after, while pomegranate can be added to salads and desserts, or just for snacking during the Christmas aftermath!

    Place Settings

    It’s always nice to include a little something at each guests’ place, especially if you’ve got a seating plan. For a more environmentally friendly option, use leftover ribbon from Christmas wrappings and fabric offcuts like hessian to tie around cutlery. Scraps of wrapping paper are perfect for decorated name tags – simply write your guests’ names on the unprinted side and tie in your decorative bundles. Extra sprigs of gumnuts or woody herbs like rosemary add an aromatic element and tie your scene together visually. Plus, we all know how smell can enhance the flavour of our food. Sweet smelling herbs are just the thing to whet your guests’ appetite!

    The Magic of Mismatch

    Let’s face it – very few of us have more than 8 matching cups, napkins – even plates can be hard to scare up in vast matching quantities. Instead of stressing out, embrace the beauty of mismatched crockery, cutlery and table linen. By sticking to a few colours (all greens and blues for example), you can add plenty of colour and still have a charming looking table. And besides, the plates won’t be empty for long – it’s what ends up on them that interests us much more.

    Get a Candle on It

    Roaring fireplace it may not be, but small tea candles lend beautiful soft light to a Christmas table setting without the heat of a hearth. (Phew!) Plus, scattering candles around adds instant Scandi-cool which (as big fans of Ikea) we just can’t say no to.

    Of course, when it comes to how to decorate your Christmas table, the most important thing is capturing what the season means to you! So, what elements can’t you live without on your Aussie Christmas table?