Christmas Planning Tips: How to avoid stress and prepare for the festive season November 14, 2018

by Jacqui Feros Tips and Tricks

It’s official. There’s less than six weeks until Christmas…where has this year gone? While there’s no doubt Christmas is the best time of the year, it can also be one of the most crazy, stressful and chaotic times of the year.

When it comes to Christmas, it’s never too early to start! That can often be where people get caught out. They wait and wait for the ‘right time”’ when in fact, there is no such thing.

You should use your time wisely in the lead up to Christmas because if you don’t, all of a sudden it’ll be the 23rd of December, and you’ll be wondering where on earth the time went.

So, what can you do to prepare and decrease the stress? Read on for our top tips:

Christmas Planning Tip #1
Don’t wait to gift shop

If you see a gift for someone, buy it, don’t wait until next week or when you’re going to do the ‘big present shop’. The more you tick off the list now, the less you have to stress about later. Plus, it saves you having to lug around a bunch of shopping bags, through heavily crowded malls, asking yourself how you ended up here, yet again.

Christmas Planning Tip #2
Stress less with the HelloFresh Christmas Box

Hosting Christmas this year and have no idea what to put on the menu? Outsource all the thinking, planning and shopping with the HelloFresh Christmas Box! With three different size boxes available, all featuring three-course meals, there’s something for everyone. Click here to find out more about the festive menu

Christmas Planning Tip #3
Decorate with the whole family

Decorating will be fun they said…until you’ve got boxes stacked up to the ceiling, tinsel all over the furniture, you’re dodging ornaments all over the floor and your tree looks like the Grinch. Sound familiar? Good news is, there is a way around this and it’s to get the whole family involved! All hands-on deck means less stress for you, plus, you get to spend quality time with the family. Throw on some Christmas jingles in the background and you’re good to go.

Christmas Planning Tip #4
Make a list

This time of year, your head’s going to be filled with a million things to remember, so any chance you can get to eliminate some of these scattered thoughts, take full advantage! This includes your Christmas present shopping list. No doubt there are many presents you need to buy for various different people, so make sure you jot it all down before going to the shops to avoid forgetting anything and having to go back!

Christmas Planning Tip #5
Buy it and wrap it

Now we know some people prefer to get all their presents before they wrap them, but then you’re stuck sitting there trying to remember what gifts go together and who’s this for again, when this could all be avoided if you just wrapped it as soon as you bought it. Hate commercials? Perfect, because wrapping presents is the ideal time killer in between ads!

Christmas Planning Tip #6
Write your cards before December 1st

Christmas Cards are getting written later and later these days, which means they arrive later and later. Go out and buy your cards ASAP and give yourself a deadline to write and send them. In a world full of technology, Christmas cards are appreciated more than ever, so get writing!

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