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Our Cooking tools October 15, 2021

It’s been a LONG time since we’ve travelled abroad but it doesn’t stop us from dreaming. Whether it’s Moroccan beaches or Hong Kong night markets you’(...)

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Meet Steph! Our Recipe Developer

Get To Know Us January 3, 2017

Everybody meet Steph. Steph, this is everyone! Now that the introductions are done, let’s sit down with one of HelloFresh’s recipe developers to find out what makes her tick.

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Tracy Halfpenny says:

Could you please tell me if ingredients are organic and what do I do if Im gluten free…do you make provision for this?

Victoria’s Green Smoothie will take you from zero to hero

Our Recipes March 24, 2016

Because everyone needs to feel like they have superpowers sometimes, may we present Victoria’s green smoothie!

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Ask a chef: Hacks to up the flavour in any meal

Get To Know Us March 16, 2016

HelloFresh founder Tom is full of cooking wisdom. To find out how to up the flavour in any meal, check out his tips for a perfect cook every time!

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Avocado Devilled Eggs: Part 1 of our party food series

Eat March 15, 2016

It’s officially started… In garages, at pubs, in lounge rooms around the country, calls of “Ref! Are you blind?!” and “Go you bloody good thing!” can be heard emanating into the street.

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Nadine’s Banana Bread Recipe

Eat March 9, 2016

Nadine works all the way over the sea at HelloFresh Germany. The post office wouldn’t accept her banana bread in the mail, so we had to settle for the banana bread recipe and make it ourselves!

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Brent says:

Hi there are there any thoughts of bringing out a desert / cake style box or something that can be added as an extra when recieving the meal packages?

Ask a chef: How to keep herbs fresh

Get To Know Us March 9, 2016

To refrigerate or leave on the shelf? Water or no water? If you’re confused about how to keep herbs fresh, our head chef Tom is here to save the day. 

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Mary says:

One of my absolute favourite things about Hellofresh is the beautiful fresh herbs – always so fresh and flavoursome.?

Lisa says:

More of a question here. I’ve been leaving my herbs in the Hellofresh bags, but if I don’t use the coriander quickly, it just ends up as black slime. This is contrary to your statement about keeping them in the statement you make about keeping them in the Peakfresh bags. I will be taking them out of the bag and using your other suggestion with regard to the chux.

Savka says:

I received bag of breakfast Jordan’s Granola which hasn’t been ordered but charged my PayPal account $11.90. I really do not appreciate that you add to my account thing that I didn’t order. If you are going to include something it should be at your own expense. I would like Toto deduct that $11.90 from my next order. Thank you
Regards, Savka

The HelloFresh Oscars 2016

Get To Know Us February 29, 2016

In honour of the 88th Academy Awards, we present the nominees for the HelloFresh Oscars 2016: our favourite foodie moments in film as presented by the team at HelloFresh HQ!

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Ask a Chef: A Q&A with our founder Tom

Get To Know Us February 16, 2016

It’s a big, bad world out there, full of contradictory cooking advice. Luckily, our head chef Tom is here to answer the questions that matter!

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lionel gorrie says:

several years ago i enjoyed a chocolate mud cake in queenstown new zealand at a private dinner party. it had pitted prunes, soaked in chocolate liquer, no eggs, coffee,, raw sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, what else i don’t know and was absolutely delicious. i think it was called suzannah’s chocolate prune cake. i cannot find any recipe anywhere that contains no eggs or butter. it just got better as it aged in the fridge.
can you help.

Greer says:

Wow Lionel, this sounds delicious! We’re going to have to attempt a recipe like this on our blog 🙂

Kate and Juliette – international sisters!

Get To Know Us February 15, 2016

The Hello Fresh kitchen is a place where people come together – after all, we are a food company and good food is a great way to secure friendship.

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