Avocado Toast – How do you have yours?

April 6, 2016
by HelloFresh Our Recipes

    As Australians, we like to think of ourselves in a certain way. Larrikins? Absolutely. Leading the world in good cups of café coffee? We’ll take it. Inventors of smashed avocado toast? YES, GIVE IT TO US NOW PLEASE.

    avo toast 2

    Avocado toast seems to have surpassed the concept of food trend. It’s entered the vernacular, to be forever associated with us like mateship or water restrictions. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier – avos are packed full of goodness, they look gorgeous, and, best of all, they’re creamy and delicious in ways we can’t quite put into words.

    In honour of the noble avocado (the Shepherd variety that is currently in season is our absolute favourite), we put together some of our favourite combinations. Some toppings are just classic – who can go past smoked salmon, capers and goats cheese? A match made in breakfast heaven. Tomato, coriander and bean sprouts give us strong Mexican, guacamole-inspired feelings (which are the best kind of feelings, right?) Then, we started to get a little crazy. For the ultimate in instagrammable snacking; pomegranate, goats cheese and watercress fits the bill perfectly. As for  Nectarine and basil? Listen, you just have to try it. Trust us.

    What’s your favourite avocado toast topping? Let us know!

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    Robyn says:

    Is it possible to use cloud bread, perhaps with fresh ground black pepper added instead of sweetener, for a base for smashed avocado and any of the above?

    Greer says:

    Absolutely Robyn! We reckon that would be a very tasty treat indeed.

    Tony Madden says:

    Gday Greer , My fav is bread of your choice toasted with real butter then vegemite then smashed avocardo topped with alphalpha sprouts and cracked black pepper .
    Thanks for all the fantastic recipes ideas &^ tips . Ive just joined Hello Fresh and can’t wait till your boxes are available in my area .
    Tony 🙂 .