5 easy recipes you can cook with what’s in your pantry June 3, 2020

by Helen Eat
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    When you want to cook a quick meal (and maybe you’re waiting for your next HelloFresh box to arrive), you can find easy dinner ideas by playing around with what you have left in your pantry or fridge. 

    On nights when you’re feeling tired and just want to throw something together for an easy, healthy meal, take another look at what you already have. Try these five common pantry recipes for some inspiration the next time you’re facing a dinner challenge. It’s good practice to use up all of your ingredients and leftovers at home, to avoid any unnecessary food waste.

    1. Puttanesca

    Typical pantry items like capers, anchovies, canned tomatoes and olives are staple ingredients in this traditional Italian pasta dish. Puttanesca recipes can take on many variations, using different spices and vegetables, which makes it the perfect meal to adapt to your ingredients. Though flexible and varied, puttanesca recipes tend to have a couple of things in common, like a fragrant element (usually garlic) and a salty bite (from anchovies or capers). Read more about the risqué pasta sauce and try our cheeky version of the Neapolitan classic.

    1. Risotto

    Cooking a creamy risotto is easier than you think. Besides the key element – arborio or risotto rice – you can easily pick and choose which other ingredients you want to add. Mushrooms, sweet potato, frozen peas, ham or asparagus are all great options for risotto, and most likely something you have hanging around your kitchen. 

    1. Frittata

    Omelettes, quiches and frittatas are simple meal ideas you can make from pantry ingredients in no time at all. Acceptable for breakfast, lunch or dinner, all you need for a deliciously simple frittata is eggs, a few vegetables and some milk or cheese. There’s no right way to make one, so have fun experimenting with whatever ingredients, canned vegetables, frozen items or leftovers that you have. Here’s one of our favorites from HelloFresh, Bacon, Fetta & Zucchini Frittata

    1. Soup

    If you have beans, broth, onion and garlic, then you have soup. Soup is a quick and healthy recipe, put together with just a few essential ingredients. Cannellini, red kidney, chickpeas or black beans are easy to keep stored in the kitchen and they are very convenient for last-minute supper ideas, like soups or even hearty stews and vegetarian curries.

    1. Fried rice

    Fried rice is an adaptable favourite you can cook with pantry treasures or leftovers, with the help from some condiments that will always add complexity. Sesame oil and soy sauce can turn basic rice and vegetables into an aromatic fried rice dinner. One of our easy chicken recipes is this Chicken Fried Rice with sweetcorn and sesame seeds. 


    Feeling inspired? Save a trip to the supermarket and take another look in your pantry for some simple meal ideas.