21 low calorie recipes that are fresh, filling & full of good stuff!

August 28, 2019
by Anna Our Recipes

    Trying to cut back on calories without compromising taste? We’re here to help!

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    We’ve put together our pick of nutritious and wholesome recipes that are all about maximising taste and minimising calories. Clocking in at less than 2,300kJ (550 calories) per serving, these meals prove that dinnertime can be deliciously satisfying while being healthy — whether you’re eating for one or feeding a family. 

    To lower the calorie count of these recipes further, you can reduce the amount of rice, cheese or dressing to suit!

    1. Chickpea Couscous Bowl with Chermoula Spiced Roasted Veggies (1930kJ – 460 calories)

    Sit down to a bowl of rich delights with this jewelled couscous feast. An assortment of colourful veggies and fruit, plus tender pearl couscous and creamy feta bring this bowl to life!

    2. Beef & Feta Meatballs with Couscous Tabbouleh & Hummus Dressing (2260kJ – 538 calories)

    The flavours of the Middle East are always a winner, and our tasty couscous tabbouleh and hummus dressing are a case in point. Add beef and feta meatballs to the mix and you’ll be hard pressed to stop your mouth watering while you cook!

    3. Honey Soy-Glazed Chicken with Sesame Fries (2250kJ – 536 calories)

    A sticky honey-soy coating that caramelises in the pan is what sets this chicken apart from the rest! Served next to your new favourite side dish – golden sesame fries – this recipe will keep you coming back for more!

    4. Seared Salmon with Beetroot & Mint Pearl Couscous (2290kJ – 545 calories)

    Aside from having the prettiest name for a type of food, pearl couscous is downright delicious to eat. The small balls are ever-so-slightly chewy with a toasty flavour that works beautifully with roasted sweet potato and beetroot. Topped with succulent salmon, this is an absolute gem of a dish!

    5. Caribbean Sweet Potato & Black Bean Salad (1820kJ – 433 calories)

    Turn a vegetarian salad into a hearty flavour explosion with this medley of gently spiced sweet potato, black beans and fresh greens. It’s a satisfying taste of Jamaica in a veggie-loaded and colourful bowl!

    6. Rosemary Garlic Steak with Parmesan Mash & Broccoli (2230kJ – 531 calories)

    Simple, easy and stunning. Tender beef in a rich rosemary sauce with Parmesan mash, green beans and a sprinkling of toasted almonds — simply delicious!

    7. Chermoula-Yoghurt Chicken (2260kJ – 538 calories)

    Add a little sparkle to your weeknight dinner with this bright and richly flavoured chicken dish. The colourful rice is sprinkled with lightly cooked greens, toasted almonds and plump currants for an easy and addictive side dish that will steal your heart!

    8. Chinese Beef & Ginger Noodles with Crushed Peanuts (2030kJ – 483 calories)

    It’s easy to whip up a tasty stir-fry sauce with our tried-and-true formula of fresh ginger, nutty sesame seeds and a touch of honey. Use it in this colourful veggie and beef stir-fry to keep the whole family satisfied!

    9. Spiced Cauliflower & Goat Cheese Salad (2200kJ – 524 calories)

    We love the tender texture of pearl couscous — each grain holds its shape and easily handles bold flavours. Combine that with spiced roasted veggies, creamy goat cheese and fresh salad leaves and you get yourself a real crowd-pleaser!

    10. Caribbean Lentils & Pineapple Salsa (2120kJ – 505 calories)

    Take a journey to the Caribbean islands with this lightly spiced and hearty bowl of veggies, lentils and dreamy coconut rice. With loads of flavour in every bite, this meal will take your tastebuds on a trip! 

    11. Vietnamese-Style Beef Broth (2080kJ – 495 calories)

    Whip up a faux pho at home, with this light and fragrant beef broth topped with noodles and sliced beef. The aromatic flavours come together to create a fresh take on soup – just right for mild nights.

    12. Seared Pork & Cheesy Cauliflower-Potato Mash (2040kJ – 486 calories)

    We love this mash — creamy potato with cauliflower gives loads of nutrition, while tender pork steaks and a rich thyme sauce are the perfect accompaniment for this meal. Satisfy both little and big eaters in the family!

    13. Turmeric Cauliflower & Lentil Bowl with Mango Chutney Dressing (1940kJ – 462 calories)

    We’ve brought the fragrant flavours of India into a refreshing and hearty bowl of goodness! Enjoy mildly spiced cauliflower and lentils plus fresh greens, zingy pickled onions and a creamy combo of yoghurt and mango chutney. This meal is wholesome, satisfying and an all-round winner. 

    14. Cheesy BBQ Baked Beans with Crusty Garlic Bread (2180kJ – 519 calories)

    Enjoy a hearty feast of home-cooked goodness! Flavourful beans are baked in the oven with a gooey cheese topping that turn this classic into a taste-sensation.

    15. Thai-Style Chicken & Roast Sweet Potato Salad (2130kJ – 507 calories)

    Make way for this main meal salad in your dinner rotation. With mildly spiced chicken and a fragrant hot oil dressing, this plate of bountiful greens and sweet potato will change the way you look at veggies!

    16. Goat Cheese & Cherry Tomato Panzanella Salad (1810kJ – 431 calories)

    We’ve turned this classic Italian salad into a main course marvel that’s perfect for warm nights! With golden croutons, marinated goat cheese and loads of flavour from the caramelised onions, this meal is light, fresh and just right.

    17. Indian Salmon & Bombay Potatoes (2100kJ – 500 calories)

    This aromatic dish takes you on a flavour trip to India, with succulent salmon coated in a mild North Indian spice blend and Bombay potatoes roasted in turmeric and mustard seeds!

    18. Pulled Mexican Chicken & Rice Bowl (2280kJ – 543 calories)

    A poultry spin on pulled pork! Tasty tender chicken thighs, fresh veggies and a generous dollop of guac on a bed of sticky rice make for a Mexicana-inspired feast. 

    19. Thai-Spiced Pork with Ginger-Coconut Rice & Crispy Shallots (2290kJ – 545 calories)

    This Thai-inspired dish smells so good it will have our taste buds tingling from the minute it hits the pan! But it’s worth the wait — especially for our sticky ginger-coconut rice.

    20. Barramundi & Brown Butter Sauce (2260kJ – 538 calories)

    Butter — that magical ingredient — gets even better when you cook it slowly to release its browned, nutty flavours.  Flavourful sides of kipfler potatoes, broccolini and asparagus elevate this dinner into something special.

    21. Roasted Beetroot Salad with Dill & Goat Cheese (1840kJ – 438 calories)

    Enjoy a light and breezy dinner with this colourful mix of roasted beetroot, fresh dill and creamy goat cheese. The unique combination packs a palatable punch!

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