Nutmeg French Toast with Homemade Rhubarb Confiture

We know what you’re thinking – “French Toast is already delicious, there is no way to make it even more so!”. Well we’re not sorry to say, but you’re wrong! And if you don’t believe us, give this fresh recipe a try.


We’ve added nutmeg and created a beautiful homemade rhubarb confiture to give this classic breaky a really special touch. Continue reading

Week 27’s US Inspired Lineup!

This Saturday, the 4th of July, marks Independence Day for the United States of America. We are tipping our hats to the country that gave us jazz, denim jeans, and the baked New York cheesecake, and pop-culture icons like Mickey Mouse, Superman, and of course, Miley Cyrus.

In our boxes this week, we have included an all-American recipe with a healthy twist. We hope you enjoy the taste of comfort “dude” food without having to cross the Pacific to get the roadhouse diner fix.

This week, we give thanks to the wonderful inventions from the US of A, especially those that will grace your dinner table! Check them our below.


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Supplier Spotlight: Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods

Fishermen’s Wharf Seafoods is a multi-award winning seafood establishment nestled on the waterfront at Port Stephens, NSW, and is supplying us with top-notch seafood this week!

At HelloFresh, we’ve chosen this supplier as they are committed to sourcing the best quality sustainable seafood. Their staff have the local knowledge and experience to help us make the best choice for our customers – they always know where and how our seafood is caught or farmed and what impact this has upon the marine environment. The freshness and quality of the produce is second to none! Continue reading

Week 26’s Recipe Wonderland!

This week’s menu will take you on a culinary adventure through the delicious wonderland that is the HelloFresh foodie world. Travel the globe and enjoy cuisine from a bustling Mediterranean seaside town, an English cottage, a pizzeria in the heart of Rome, and even a funky restaurant in the busy streets of Japan – and all from the comfort of your own kitchen! Talk about a bargain.

Follow each link below to check out the recipe for these dinner wonders!


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Wacky Foods: Rambutan!

Have you ever tasted rambutan? No? Well, you’re missing out!

This wacky fruit hails from Malaysia and is closely related to lychees (can you see the family resemblance here?). If you would like to give these a taste, rest assured that a trip to Malaysia isn’t needed! You can pick up rambutans in most Asian grocery stores, and we strongly suggest that you give them a go.


Here are some fun facts about this wacky fruit: Continue reading

Tips to creating the perfect homemade bolognese!

This week we have a classic on the menu – the always beloved Bolognese! If there is one thing we know about food, it is that everyone has a different way of making this delicious number. With this in mind, we asked everyone here at HelloFresh HQ their tips for achieving this pasta perfection and have included some of them below.

bolognese tips blog

Get cooking with this week’s bolognese recipe and let us know any tips you have! Put these tips to the test and see our recipe for Pork & Veal Rigatoni Bolognese below.

Pork & Veal Rigatoni Bolognese ››

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Week 25’s Satisfyingly Scrumptious Menu!

We have a particularly satisfying scrumptious menu planned for this week! Let your taste buds travel the world as you bite into our coconut chicken, classic bolognese, and fresh papillotes. These meals are guaranteed to impress anyone lucky enough to have a bite, whip them up and taste for yourself!


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That’s Weird: Beetroot, Raspberry & Chocolate Crumble

We love beetroot, we love raspberries, and we love love love dark chocolate. But, have you ever had these three wonder flavours together? If not, you should! This combination may seem a little weird, but it’s weird in an absolutely delicious way.

font olympic branding

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! Whip up our crumble creation with the recipe below.

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Week 24’s Cheffy Lineup!

Good morning and welcome to week 24, chefs! We have a very versatile lineup this week which we know you will simply adore. From coconut chicken, to a Mexican fiesta, to a patty party – this week is sure to please. Suss out the dishes below and follow the link to find each recipe!


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